Analyse Winans and Natalie Shugailo Dimitropoulos
"The Sun Sets, the Sun Rises" - $375
24" x 36" spray paint on canvas
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The Story
Analyse Winans
Chicago, IL
Twist on Cancer: My personal experience with cancer has been an anomaly. It can’t be described. Cancer took my father from this earth, but created an everlasting memory and fused our loving father-daughter bond even tighter than I imagined it could ever be.
Because of cancer, I was ultimately healed from the years my father was absent from my life. Three months of being my father’s caregiver allowed a lifetime of peace and memories. A love that can never be touched. A true father-daughter love I’ve always yearned for.
Natalie Shugailo Dimitropoulos
Chicago, IL
24" x 36" spray paint on canvas
Artist Statement: This artwork is about the constant passage of time, how change is inevitable and also beautiful and transformative. There is a flow in life that never ceases, and even when we experience hardship or loss we must continue to stay in that flow. We can also find the brightest light in the darkest times, as my inspiration taught me. A beautiful relationship emerged from tragedy with her father, and the time she had with him that came from this became precious and life changing. She shared with me that realizing how much time has passed and continues to pass truly amazes her each day, and it was that insight that really inspired me to create a piece that is transcendent and portrays a series of layers, all of which address the others and contribute to a complete visual, much like all of our life experiences. The colors are bright and cheerful, representing both my inspiration and her father’s outlook on life. They always stayed positive and upbeat, even in the face of serious circumstances.
I felt a deep understanding for the story that was shared with me and the vulnerability it took to share it was also something I put into this piece. It is made with a technique that cannot be undone and takes total trust to achieve. My hope is for it to evoke a sense of calm and levity, as well as hold space for reflection and inner peace.