Inspiration Laura McCullough Gets Back in the Game

Cancer was the Great Showstopper of 2022.

It came out of left field for Brushes with Cancer Inspiration, Laura McCullough. Life as she knew it stopped.

For Laura, the focus changed to this one area of life: Surviving a dangerous, life-altering illness. Everything paused. Her husband, Ryan, took over management of the kids and household and Laura focused on healing and recovery.

Life spirals mentally, even as healing begins physically. Cancer knocks someone out of the game, and it’s hard to get back up and try again. Engaging in “real-life” things feels almost impossible while living with cancer.

It felt undoable when Laura’s friend sent the Brushes with Cancer application. Too much. Too soon. It sparked an unexpected anxiety.

Laura researched it and felt drawn toward stepping back into something outside herself. But still, she sat with it, secretly wishing she had the nerve to apply. The deadline came and Laura asked Ryan if he thought she should do it—she half-hoped he would say it was dumb.

“Of course you should do it.”

So, Laura applied. She met her Artist, Lindsay, and the two built a beautiful friendship. Laura felt heard and seen and humbly honored in the most profound ways. She met other humans on the same hard paths. And life outside herself began again.

Yes, life is hard. But it’s also Good. Brushes with Cancer turns chaos into beauty and hardship into kinship. Humans need each other on this life journey, a way to begin again. Twist Out Cancer has this stepping-out opportunity for individuals like Laura, who need a space to take that first big step.

It’s worth it. Get back in the game. You deserve it.