Alexandria Miller and Andrea Micou
“Skyward Bound Memories”
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The Story
Alexandria Miller
Alexandria Miller
Macomb, MI
Survivor, Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Twist on Cancer: I was diagnosed with inflammatory breast cancer when I was 22 years old and just about to finish up my last year of my undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan. In hindsight, it’s still a shocking diagnosis at that age, but at the same time, it's also hard to believe almost six years have come and gone since my cancer diagnosis. After going through cancer as a young adult, I believe my life has changed for the better; a cancer diagnosis gives you this new appreciation for life. I am lucky to still be here and be able to celebrate conquering cancer with my husband, family, and friends. To those who have and haven’t had cancer, I would say celebrate life every day. Celebrate all the little moments as often as you celebrate the big moments. My oncologist always ends my appointments and our phone calls with the phrase “To Life!” and that has always stuck with me. It is a reminder to me of the importance of celebrating everything good in my life and my family and friends’ lives, whether it be big or small.
Andrea Micou
Andrea Micou
“Skyward Bound Memories”
Multiple Materials (Plastic, Wood, Paint, Stone, Brass)
10" x 7"
Artist Statement: When I first spoke to Alexandria, I was soon reminded just how fortunate we are to be able to experience every day. When she told me her story about how her diagnosis had come at such an important point in her life, I wanted to create a piece that celebrates every breath that we take.
The hourglass form is the representation of the passing of time and ability to reflect on the past, but to also be able to look forward to all the possibilities in the future. The young girl at the top of the hourglass represents the joy, exuberance, and positive spirit that we should have moving forward in life. The woman on the bottom of the hourglass represents the past experiences that we have had. These experiences may not have all been positive, but there is much joy, beauty, and meaning hidden in these experiences. This is symbolized by the shimmering stones around her. The woman is also looking up towards the future, reflecting on her youth, and looking forward to life’s joys yet to come. More importantly, this piece Alexandria’s positive, “chin up” approach to life that I found so inspiring.
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My creative space invites inspiration of both the outdoors, as well as modern technology. I feel that all the natural sunlight and greenery that I see in my workspace brings a positive, vibrant energy to the pieces that I create.

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