Brushes with Cancer at Wayne State University
A Private Licensed Brushes with Cancer Program
The Program

Brushes with Cancer is a program of Twist Out Cancer that strategically matches artists with individuals touched by cancer (inspirations). Over 6 months, the artist and inspirations work together to build a relationship built on mutual understanding and trust. The artist creates a unique work of art that is reflective of the inspiration’s journey with cancer.

This private licensed program was the brainchild of Thomas Pyrzewski, Director of Galleries and Special Programming at Wayne State University.The program matches art and design and art therapy students with Twist Out Cancer Inspirations.  The program culminates in an art exhibition and reception at Wayne State Campus Art Gallery in late Spring. The artwork will be auctioned off with proceeds benefiting the mission and work of Twist Out Cancer.


Our Participants


Dr. Eddie Connor

Kirsten Johnson

Brittany Long

Amanda Salazar

Kristina Simmons

Tammy Cedo

Michelle Lawrence

Mahwish Syed

Kelly Cantrell

Marie Wynn

Jamie Dungey

Megan Day

Sonya Keshwani

Cathy McKinnon

Alice Wasney

Veronica Morgan

Anna Warner-Mayes



Gun Kim

Shannon Kurzyniec

Michael Brzozowksi

Avanti Herczeg

Cara Marie Young

Dajah Callen 

Laura Maker

Clove Ellis

Christina France


Evan Condron

Ephemera Lynn Fae

Bailey Scieszka

Marigrace Francis

Elena Marcozzi

Tia Nichols

Annalise Trenkamp


Our Community
The Twist Team

Board Members

Jenna Benn Shersher- Founder, CEO and Board President

Andrew Edelston- Board Chair

Emma Peck Block- Secretary

Dr. Sharon Arffa- Executive Board Member

Dan Hadad-Aviad- Executive Board Member

Joelle Goldman- Executive Board Member

Joshua Taustein- Executive Board Member

Stephanie Plein- Executive Board Member

Erin Green Johnson- Executive Board Member

Dr. Christian Squillante-Executive Board Member

Jon Goldberg- Executive Board Member

Howard Aaron-Executive Board Member

Jennifer L. Katz Margolis- Executive Board Member

Cynthia Beck- Executive Board Member

Danny Glick- Executive Board Member

Bari Fleisher- Executive Board Member

Kevin Morgan- Executive Board Member

Joe Lombardo-Executive Board Member

Alex Perry- Executive Board Member

Jacqueline Carmody- Advisory Board Member

Gudrun Wu Synder- Advisory Board Member

Jeffrey Guerrero- Advisory Board Member

Dr. Martin Hogan- Advisory Board Member

Mardi Kaplan- Advisory Board Member

Kimberly Kass- Advisory Board Member

Anna Feneis- Advisory Board Member

Ella Hawk- Advisory Board Member

Kenny Lapins- Advisory Board Member

Kara Thomas- Advisory Board Member

Bari Murphy- Advisory Board Member

Shelby Zitelman- Advisory Board Member

Tanya Kertsman- Advisory Board Member

Soraya Fata- Advisory Board Member

Mignon Dupepe-Advisory Board Member


Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder and CEO

Amelia Hanrahan, COO

August Spree, Director of Programming

Ana Gordon, Clinical Director

Jacqueline Carmody, Licensed Clinical Art Therapist

Lindsay Patton, Director of Digital Strategy

Jenna Koch, Clinical Intern and Director of Social Media




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