Brushes With Cancer Detroit in Partnership with General Motors Design Center
September 25, 2020

The Program

Twist Out Cancer is excited to announce an official partnership with the GM Design Center Gallery. Over the next 5 months, GM Design & GM Tech Center employees will participate in an exclusive Brushes with Cancer program. GM Artists will be strategically matched with “Inspirations” – people who has been touched by cancer, which includes survivors, previvors, caregivers and supporters. The pairs will work together as the artists create a unique piece of artwork that is reflective of the Inspiration’s journey with cancer. The program will culminate in a month-long exhibition at the GM Design Center Gallery in Warren this September. The artwork created will be available for purchase through an online auction.

The program includes 23 artists and 25 inspirations form  GM Design and from the GM Technical Center family.

This transformative program is chaired Jeffrey Froggett,  and Kara Thomas,


Attend the Live Virtual Event on September 25, 2020 at 7:00 pm!

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If you are interested in joining the live virtual art exhibition and celebration we encourage you to reserve your spot in advance. This is an evening you will not want to miss. Inspirational speakers  and beautiful testimonials are certain to leave your hearts full!

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Secure Tickets

Purchase Brushes with Cancer at General Motors Design Center T-Shirts

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The Live Auction

100% of the proceeds from art sales are reinvested into the Brushes with Cancer program. The program is intentionally built around the concept of paying it forward.



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The Participants


Carol Garrett

Jacob Lozier

Danielle Williams

Daniel A. Carbary

Ruth Bricknell

Steven Davanzo

Linda Ludek Brouns

Lynn Krawczyk

Ben Kelly

Laura Madison

Beth Pierce

Alexandria Miller

Michelle Lachajewski

Paul Van Rooyen

Jeffrey Froggett

Dawn Minch

Sandy Lipscomb

David Pelkowski

Marty Nahtygal

Sarah Tonkin

Andrea Weston

Marge Solak

David Brigolin

Suzanne Morse

Susan Alessi



Kirk Roda

Karen Bates

Kara Thomas

Kyle Irving

Tony Warren

Jeffrey Froggett

John Demers

Cari Smith Gammicchia

Rad Murdza

Marty Blackwell

Kara Thomas

Andrea Micou

John Rusanchin

Karen Fischer

Taurus Burns

Tracey Bouchey

Amber Hendricks

Matt Burke

Matt Burke

Jenna Grabowski

Alyn Gray

Jennifer Green

Dick Cruger

Travis Campbell

Ashley McAllister



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