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Welcome To Brushes With Cancer Northeast Art Exhibition and Celebration on Sunday, October 10, 2021 at 4:00 PM EST!
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The Brushes with Cancer Art Exhibition and Celebration

Calendar of Events

Sunday, October 10, 2021

10:00 am EST: Participant Reception for artists and inspirations currently participating in the Brushes with Cancer program at Old City Jewish Art Center. This is a private event for participants to have an up close look at the artwork and connect with other members of the Twist community.

4:00 pm EST: Screening of the live virtual program. Gather your friends and family together for a moving at home virtual experience where our participants will be celebrated!

Monday October 11-November 5, 2021

Join us at the Old City Jewish Art Center in Philadelphia for a month long installation. Your virtual  ticket will provide access to a private tour of the exhibition by appointment. We will send you a link to schedule your in person viewing upon completion of your ticket purchase.

September 22-October 10th

Check out the online art auction that will be live starting on Wednesday, September 22nd. The art auction will officially end at 5:30 pm on Sunday, October 10th after the completion of the Virtual Program. The art auction also includes a few one of a kind experiences and the option to purchase raffle tickets.

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Virtual Brushes with Cancer Northeast Art Exhibition & Celebration (AT HOME)
$75.00 Includes 1 pass to the virtual Brushes with Cancer Northeast Art Exhibition & Celebration on Sunday, October 10th at 4:00 pm EST. The event includes access to the art exhibition and online auction, and the virtual program on Sunday, October 10th. Also includes access to the online art auction and the physical art exhibition at the Old City Jewish Art Center which will run from October 11-November 5, 2021. 100% of your contribution is tax deductible as allowable by law.
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Old City Jewish Art Center Exhibition
$35.00 October 11-November 5, 2021. Starting October 11-November 5, 2021, the Brushes with Cancer Northeast Art Exhibition will take place at the Old City Jewish Art Center. Private showings can be arranged with OCJAC. To set up a showing you must purchase a ticket in advance. Your contribution is 100% tax-deductible as allowable by law.
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Participant Reception and Preview of the Art Exhibition October 10th @10 am EST(Only for participating Inspirations, Artists and Mentors).
Tickets are ONLY available to current program participants (Inspirations, Artists, and Mentors) and includes one complimentary guest to the Brushes with Cancer Northeast Preview event at OCJAC. Each Preview pass includes access to the virtual art exhibition and exclusive reception with one Twistkit. Your passes also include access to the virtual program and all events at the Old City Jewish Art Center. The participant reception will take place at 10:00 on Sunday, October 10, 2021 at Old City Jewish Art Center.
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The Brushes with Cancer 6-Month Program

Brushes with Cancer is a program of Twist Out Cancer that strategically matches artists with individuals touched by cancer (inspirations). Over a period of 6 months, the artist and inspirations work together to build a relationship built on mutual understanding and trust. The artist creates a unique work of art that is reflective of the inspiration’s journey with cancer. The program culminates in a virtual event that celebrates survivorship, and hope, where the art is auctioned off with all proceeds benefiting the mission and work of Twist Out Cancer.

Our Participants


Erica Carroll

Matthew Newman

Anne Toland

Abby Match

Jaime Trabbold

Jamie Diianni

Jamie Dungey

Shoni Brown

Tamara Grimstad

Selena Strader

Vicki McGrath

Tamia Greene-Sanders

Terry O’Connell

Jenna Benn Shersher

Bobbie Donohew

Doris Piccinin

Jenna Camasta

James W Truver

Jamie Dungey

Sophia Holland

Florinda Ruiz

Krishna Desai

Sophia Adamia

Kristina & Jim Burke


Virginia Mason

Andrea Silver

Ann Rene Alexander

Anna Feneis

Arlene Bonnet

Bryan Warner

Noah Plotkin

Holly Carton

Jackie Carmody

Jennifer Eisenberger

Joy Misu Ulrich

Karen Kingsolver

Karen Lee Sobol

Kate Van Doren

Kathryn Tubbs

Linda Johnson

Melissa Kohanski

Monica Jean Brooks

Noah Plotkin

Russ Schnurr

Kara Thomas

Amaris Jones

Michael Rosen

Maura Matthews

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Would you like to be one of our exclusive sponsors for the upcoming Brushes with Cancer event? Check out our sponsorship page to learn more about our offerings.

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Please check out our sponsorship brochure or contact Amelia Hanrahan for details.


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Our Honoree
Athena Karp, CEO and Founder of HiredScore
Athena Karp
Brushes with Cancer Honoree, CEO and Founder of HiredScore
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Featured Speakers & Performers
Janine Kirby
Brushes with Cancer Northeast Chair
Read More
Howard Aaron
Brushes with Cancer Northeast Co-Chair
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Photo of Jenna Benn Shersher
Jenna Benn Shersher
Founder and CEO of Twist Out Cancer
Read More
Jessy Kyle
Jessy Kyle
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Tanqueray Hayward
Read More
Matthew Newman
Matthew Newman
Keynote Speaker
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Featured Auction

Check out the stunning works of art now available to bid on!

The Brushes with Cancer Live Art Auction and Exhibition is now available!

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Holly Carton Art
Featured Program Alumni Artists
Perry Milou
Perry Milou
Learn More
Michael Leavy
Learn More
Ali Williams
Ali Williams
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The Team

Board Members

Jenna Benn Shersher- Founder, CEO and Board President

Andrew Edelston- Board Chair

Dr. Gena Khodos- Treasurer

Emma Peck Block- Secretary

Dr. Sharon Arffa- Executive Board Member

August Spree- Executive Board Member

Joelle Goldman- Executive Board Member

Joshua Taustein- Executive Board Member

Stephanie Plein- Executive Board Member

Erin Green Johnson- Executive Board Member

Arlene Bonnet- Executive Board Member

Iris Marreck- Executive Board Member

Dr. Christian Squillante-Executive Board Member

Jon Goldberg- Executive Board Member

Howard Aaron-Executive Board Member

Jennifer L. Katz Margolis- Executive Board Member

Cynthia Beck- Executive Board Member

Danny Glick- Executive Board Member

Jacqueline Carmody- Advisory Board Member

Thomas Croce- Advisory Board Member

Gudrun Wu Synder- Advisory Board Member

Jeffrey Guerrero- Advisory Board Member

Dr. Martin Hogan- Advisory Board Member

Mardi Kaplan- Advisory Board Member

Kimberly Kass- Advisory Board Member

Anna Feneis- Advisory Board Member

Ella Hawk- Advisory Board Member

Twist Out Cancer Canada

Dan Hadad Aviad- Chair Canada

Sharon Marcushamer- Chair Canada

April Gibson

Suzanne Cronin

Tim Richardson



Host Committee

Howard Aaron- Co-Chair

Janine Kirby- Co-Chair

Dr. Sharon Arffa

Rebecca Bar

Shelby Zitelman

Sonya Keshwani

Ella Hawk

Tanya Kertsman

Dr. Christian Squillante

Lori Shuster

Dr. Jenn Burg

Darla Fanelli


Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder and CEO

Amelia Hanrahan, COO

Joshua Taustein, Director of Marketing and Communications

August Spree, Director of Programming

Dr. Lauren Zaluda Rynar, Clinical Director

Jacqueline Carmody, Licensed Clinical Art Therapist

Lindsay Patton, Director of Digital Strategy

Jenna Koch, Director of Social Media

Cai Fasse, Social Media Manager

Brushes with Cancer Mosaic

Contribute to the Northeast Brushes with Cancer mosaic by adding your photo and story here.

Brushes with Cancer uses art to express the strength, solidarity, community and resilience of those who have been touched by cancer. This digital mosaic gives all of you a chance to contribute to a work of art and join in the community experience. Add your image, a couple sentences about your journey, and watch as the mosaic comes to life with the faces and stories of those that have been a part of Twist Out Cancer in some way.

Contribute to the community art mosaic HERE.
Add as many images as you like, and invite your loved ones to join in too! After you’ve contributed, zoom in or search to find images of others in our community.