Andrea Ludlow and Linda Roberts
The Story
Andrea Ludlow
Andrea Ludlow
Portland, OR
Social Media: @showstopper_cookies
Twist on Cancer: Do not put off joy. Advocate for yourself and others that need help. Find people that listen to you and answer all of your questions.

Linda Washburn Roberts
Linda Roberts
Social Media: lindarobertsphotography (on FB, LI, and IG)
“... Life!”
23” x 35” image size; 25.5” x 37.25” framed
Artist Statement: When we started this project, I was somewhat skeptical of the validity of using photography as a medium to represent someone’s cancer journey. All my insecurities about being a photographer in the art world came rushing to the forefront. But after many conversations with Andrea talking about the fact of cancer, her journey through cancer, and the recovery process and aftermath, this piece came into being.

My goal was to photographically create a piece that represented Andrea’s journey, including the darkness, which she described to me as feeling like being in an abyss, AND coming out of that darkness into the healing process that allowed her to move forward with her life.

As our conversations progressed, the original image this piece is based on kept coming to mind. Andrea’s love of the shore and the sense of peace and fulfillment when she is on the coast spoke to me because I also love the solitude of the coast. The fluidity of the sand as tides come and go and the sound of that tide all create a stillness in me that is calming and meditative. I believe Andrea feels the same.

The original image, however, was too calm, bright, and happy overall. I constructed this final piece by using that base image and layering in parts of 2-3 other images from the same shoot. This allowed me to create the sense of darkness and despair on the left side of the image that gradually fades out into the lighter, “happier” image on the top right.

This transition represents Andrea coming out of that abysmal darkness and moving forward, into LIFE!!
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