Bryan Hawkinson & Kristin Wenc

The Story
Bryan Hawkinson
Bryan Hawkinson
Chicago, IL
Survivor, Brain Tumor
Twist on Cancer: Over the past six months, I discovered in myself the ability to open up to someone who at first was a stranger, but is now considered a dear friend, and share with them my deeply personal story.

I come away from this experience myself inspired and full of hope as I face whatever is to come in my life, both as it relates to cancer and otherwise. I am grateful for this chance I've been given to get to know Kristin. It has been cathartic for me to share my story in such a way as this, and her artwork has in turn helped to give hope and to heal - not just to me, but to the many others who are sharing in this journey with me as well.
Kristin Wenc
“Vivid Hope”
Acrylic and Spray
Diptych - Each panel is 18 x 24 x .75 inches

Artist Statement: Bryan is a rare and beautiful person. The depths of his strength, his capacity to love, and his continual act of choosing hope are nothing short of awe-inspiring. Over the last six months, I have been blessed with the unique privilege of being his mirror.

I chose to represent his story over two panels, as if he were looking at pages from one of his beloved comics. Created with acrylic and spray paint, the diptych is layered with symbolism from our conversations, with a couple of surprises sprinkled in. I will be forever grateful for this experience and want to thank Bryan and his spouse, Cai, for their courage and friendship.
The Reveal