Carol Lacey & Decreasa Williams
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Carol Lacey
Carol Lacey
Boulder Creek, CA
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Twist on Cancer: I am a Cervivor. My cervical cancer was relentless for five years, taking most of my bits 'below-my-belt' but from this pain grew my mantra of #moresunnydays and my voice as an advocate.

My cancer and I now have a purpose. I share my story to advocate for HPV and cervical cancer awareness to shatter sigmas and educate others on cancer prevention.
Decreasa Williams
More Sunny Days
Mixed Media
Artist Market Value: $350.00
Artist Statement: in the very next. In her testimony of life, she shares how during a period of time she was reminded of how life is not measured by time itself, but by the sunny days we each get to experience in spite of difficulties or obstacles. I was drawn to this light Carol so freely and transparently sheds on those she comes in contact with. This piece is intended to illustrate that I see Carol as the hands of all time as it exists now in the present moment. Her energy, vitality, resiliency, and love are the seconds, minutes, and hours of each and every Sunny Day.
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Show them some love and tell them how you feel.
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