Danielle Williams & Kara Thomas
“Goddess of Feminine Strength”
“Goddess of Feminine Strength”
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The Story
Danielle Williams
Danielle Williams
Birmingham MI
Survivor, Stage 1 Breast Cancer
Twist on Cancer: I was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer in July 2019 at 39 years old. Cancer tested not only my health, but also my perspective on life. Normally such an optimist, I struggled to understand the purpose of this experience. It felt extremely daunting and required so much more of me than anything else I had endured. As I settled into life post-cancer and was able to reflect on what had occurred, I slowly came to the realization that going through something so challenging did, in fact, benefit me. My journey with cancer highlighted aspects of myself and my life that I was aware of, but I saw them in a renewed way and was more able to fully appreciate how special they are. There can be beauty and growth in the hardest of times.
Kara Thomas
Kara Thomas
Goddess of Feminine Strength
23in x 23in
Artist Statement: Danielle had what she described as “a year from hell.” Her life was changing in many ways and, on top of that, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. With not only her health on the line but feeling extra pressure with work and family matters, Danielle aimed to keep her stress level down. She practices yoga regularly and has found that in stressful situations, Ujjayi breath or “victorious breath” used in yoga helps her through challenging times.
To represent the undeniable perseverance Danielle displayed during this time of her life, I asked her to come up with symbols that she felt represented her as a goddess. She chose the hummingbird for freedom and strength, and the lotus flower that blooms in even the darkest of waters. We took a photo of her in one legged dog, a yoga pose that she feels strong in. The image of her in this pose is also incorporated in the design. The downward pointing triangle historically represents femininity, and all of these symbols are seen dancing throughout three small triangles that make up one larger upside down triangle.
It was my pleasure working with Danielle to create this piece. Not only have I made a new friend that I have so much in common with, but am thankful for our connection that allowed me to creatively express her story. All of life’s experiences are to show us who we are, and Danielle truly is a Goddess of Female Strength.
Behind the Scenes
My studio space is special to me because I have been working on it for the past three years, and I have everything there that I need to create my artwork.