Elisa Salazar & Jacqueline Carmody
Up Close
The Story
Elisa Salazar
Elisa Salazar
Chicago, Illinois
Survivor - Cervical Cancer
Twist on Cancer: One of the most valuable things i've learned through my Cancer experience is the importance of community. A Cancer diagnosis can be incredibly isolating especially for young adults and the unique challenges they face, but a group of people who get it and help remind you that you're never alone make the world of a difference. If you're "lucky," enough to have a treatable Cancer, a close community is often the only group who understands that finishing treatment doesn't mean you're done with the Cancer experience. They know how difficult that late/last effects (physical and emotional) can be and remember to ask how you're doing, they remember the importance of celebrating and reflecting on milestones no matter how small they may seem. I was lucky enough to find this support system early and these amazing, strong, beautiful women have shown me strength I didn't know I had. They've taught me about a different kind of hope and built me up while they too faced their own incredibly difficult struggles. They've taught me a selflessness from which I didn't think I deserved to benefit and they've taught me how fulfilling it is to be the same for them. They've taught me how to begin to heal.
Jacqueline Carmody
Acrylic paint on canvas.
20 inches x 20 inches
Artist Statement: Elisa encompasses a positive and vibrant energy from the moment you meet her. The colors you see in this piece are a reflection of that. Our first interactions were virtual, yet her beauty and good vibes shined through the computer screen. I chose to paint a blooming garden to represent Elisa's openness to change and her ability to welcome newness into her life. She is extremely resilient and despite the hardships of treatment, she is always making room for personal growth.
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