Eyal Schecter and Akiva Gross

The Story
Photo of Eyal Schecter standing outside with trees in the background.
Eyal Schecter
St. Petersburg, Florida
Social Media: @_eyals @bebopgazpacho
Survivor of stage 4 Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Twist on Cancer: Cancer for me was about acceptance and a willingness to do so. I learned that you have to let others mourn the way they want to and in that you gift them what they need. My eyes were opened to a first hand experience of the trials and tribulations of being a nurse. They deserve the most respect.
Akiva Gross
Akiva Gross
$ 1,800
Art Dimensions- 24H X 36W
Artist Statement: This photo collage represents what a new dawn would feel like to my Inspiration, Eyal. While going through chemotherapy - in spite of the terrible side effects and the specific horrific sensations of itching and scratching - Eyal was thinking about the day after he would get a clean bill of health. He wrote a To Do List of goals that would enable him to start a new and fulfilling life in Florida.
This day arrived! A CT scan indicated that Eyal is now cancer-free and can make his dream a reality.
This Pair Was Generously Sponsored by Carol Jaffee