Hannah Happ & Jillian Hampshire
Up Close
The Story
Hannah Happ
Hannah Happ
Chicago, Illinois
@gingersnap274 (instagram), @HC_Happ (twitter)
Breast cancer survivor
Twist on Cancer: I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early 2019, just after my 27th birthday. My year was co-opted by cancer, and everything in my life had to be rearranged to fit around surgeries, chemo and appointments. At the beginning of this year, I was excited to put my energy into activities and experiences that I chose, compared to all of the energy I spent on getting rid of cancer last year. Many of my new plans were derailed by 2020, but I was still able to be a part of the BWC program, for which I am so grateful. Connecting with Jillian, my incredibly talented artist partner, has been a highlight of this year. She has made me feel seen and understood, particularly as I navigate these early days of survivorship, which is messier and more ambiguous than I could have ever known. When I am struggling, I try to return to a place of gratitude. I am grateful to be alive and to have gained a new perspective on how precious - albeit, messy and hard - life is. I am so grateful, and truly honored, to have had the opportunity to work with Jillian and make a new friend as part of this program.
Jillian Hampshire
"Deep Ends"
Artist Statement: Meeting Hannah was one of the highlights of what has been a very tough year. I consider her a friend of mine, rather than someone I worked with through BWC. It was incredibly easy for me to get to know Hannah. Her stories, her perspective on life, and who she is as a person is inspiring all around, not just in this piece of art that I created.

The piece that I created for Hannah represents the unexpected journey she was handed. A moment where life, seemingly, pulled the rug out from underneath her feet. The kind of journey that forces you into the deep waters of the unknown, where life reminds you that we truly do not have control over what happens. But there is magic in this space. Because where the water is deep, scary, and mysterious, I want to remind Hannah that she is the water. And water is pure, water is cleansing, water moves in the path of least resistance. Water does not control. What water cannot go through, water will go around. Water represents renewal, reflection, transformation, and healing. And that is where Hannah is right now. She is healing.
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