Jamie Rappoport & Michele Kellner
Up Close
The Story
Jamie Rappoport
Chicago, Illinois
Twist on Cancer: As a previvor watching my brother battle stage 4 pancreatic cancer, I feel immeasurably blessed
to have access to life-saving genetic information that gave me the agency to minimize my odds of ovarian and breast cancer through preventative surgeries. It has been a trying road, emotionally and physically, but I celebrate my health and resilience as I discover what it means to live in a new body with an altered sense of self. Iʼm feeling strong, inspired, and reinvigorated in my own life and in the mission to support my brother on his cancer journey.
Michele Kellner
"New Roots"
Touching Jamie’s heart has been a gorgeous experience. As we talked and I listened I felt engulfed in her vibrant, loving spirit. What I heard in my heart space in alignment to Jamie, was that she is a creator! Her journey has her growing new roots, new strengths both physical and emotional, and a new future born from the foundation of family love that she so clearly has known. Looking into Jamie’s heart through this story of her life, I saw green, I saw lush, I saw life. I saw Jamie as a tree of life.
The Reveal
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