JoAnn Sackett & Bern Abplanalp
Up Close
The Story
JoAnn Sackett
Lakeway, Texas
Stage 4 Survivor
Twist on Cancer: My Cancer Journey started in 2005 with Stage 1 Breast Cancer to Metastatic Breast Cancer at Present Day. My priorities have changed over the years and I've realized what's really important to me. The answer is quite simply
my God, my family and my friends. Loving relationships is what really keeps me going! My husband and five children are the best medicine and give me the strength to persevere with a smile. I've learned to be GRATEFUL for everyday!
Bern Abplanalp
Bern Abplanalp
Instagram: berntx Twitter: @bern_abplanalp Facebook: @crashboomzip
36” x 24” x 1/2”
Artist Market Value: $700
Artist Statement: Thank you, JoAnn! This experience was transformational for me in many ways, but most notably in the recognition of strength, bravery, and limitless optimism in someone like JoAnn. Working with her was not only inspirational, but it gave me insights how someone can stare down adversity and always choose to take the path of optimism and hope, rather than get swallowed in a gulp of despair and hopelessness.

Emergent tells the story of JoAnn’s strength and spirit to always get back up when life happens, knowing there’s light on the horizon, but sometimes to find it one has to grow and emerge through cold, murky water to get there. JoAnn’s Japanese heritage and the love of her family capture her story in this composition. JoAnn, embodied in the Lotus flower, has risen out of the dark, difficult waters of cancer numerous times, with the support and love of her husband and their 5 children, represented by the 6 large lily pads (Victoria Amazonica) surrounding her. The number 7, considered a good number in Japanese culture, represents togetherness and is a recurring theme in the composition.

Having gotten to know JoAnn through many phone conversations and one hilarious afternoon, she wasn’t just my inspiration for the painting, she’s a lifelong inspiration for those touched by cancer, actively participating in support groups for those newly diagnosed or creating her own group to support those in her own community.

Like I said, thank you, JoAnn!
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