Joe Bullock & Ryan Miller

The Story
Joe Bullock
Joe Bullock
Durham, NC
Social Media: @jbullock114 (Twitter); @Jbullock114 (Instagram)
Survivor Stage3b Colorectal Cancer

Twist on Cancer: I was diagnosed with Stage 3b Colorectal Cancer after a routine colonoscopy. I was 50 years old at the time. I endured a colon resection to remove my tumor and six months of chemotherapy. I have been cancer free for three years. I now strive to let men know that you don’t have to endure your cancer journey alone. You can reach out and get support either on social media or locally. Supporting others in their cancer journey empowers my survivorship. Cancer might be done with me but I’m not done with cancer.
Ryan Miller Headshot
Ryan Miller
Acrylic on Canvas
Artist Statement: Joe and I share the common experience of a dramatic midlife transformation. My struggle with mental health led me to change careers and become a visual artist, and Joe's battle with cancer has led him to become a fierce advocate for men with the disease. My painting "Wolfpack" tells Joe's story.

I used the colors of cancer support ribbons throughout the painting. The dark blue storm is Joe's battle with colon cancer. As the runoff of the storm reaches far into the ground, "The Wolfpack," a support group for men with cancer, and the website are born. The howling wolf calls the men of the world to join the pack, and their journey is represented by the colored columns growing upwards along the trails left behind by Joe's battle. These colors represent the most common forms of male cancers. The Wolfpack is born.