Laura Madison & Marty Blackwell
The Story
Laura Madison
Laura Madison
Clarkston, MI
Survivor - Breast Cancer & Melanoma
Twist on Cancer: I was diagnosed with breast cancer two months after my husband passed away suddenly. Fourteen years earlier, I had melanoma in 2000. The first diagnosis was full of fear and about me. The second diagnosis was much more serious, but I was not afraid in the same way. The journey has taught me how to put life and its challenges into perspective. I was strengthened by my Faith, shown the power of Hope through many "signs" pointing me in the right direction and that Love is patient and kind. We all have burdens to bear, but I have learned more patience through this experience. I strive to be a fountain, not a drain. Working with Marty, she listened and picked up on every detail. She is a light that shined on me to help me tell my story. I am honored and full of gratitude to be a part of the GM Design Center Brushes with Cancer!
Marty Blackwell
Marty Blackwell
ART 16" X 20" FRAMED 19" X 23"
Artist Statement: Laura Madison is the definition of "Inspiration!" Having been diagnosed with breast cancer two months and a day after the sudden death of her husband brought about a realization of "signs" that had been there all along. These "signs" became significant to how new paths were woven bringing her to a greater understanding of life and herself. She and Mike have two daughters who are Laura's strength through all that they together have endured. The imagery in Laura's painting reflects her passion - most importantly the sunset, which was the last one she shared with Mike and is etched on his headstone. As Laura told me, "paths and detours can add to your life. You never know what tomorrow brings!"
Behind the Scenes
My space is special for a multitude of reasons. What occurs in my studio that thrills me the 'most' is exactly what I've completed for Laura. A chance to hopefully bring joy through emotional response with art!