Nicole Wissing and Lindsey Taucher
The Story
Nicole Wissing
Nicole Wissing
Nicole Wissing
San Antonio, TX
Social Media: Nicole York Wissing
Survivor - Breast Cancer
Twist on Cancer: Through my cancer journey, I have learned to trust my gut. If your body is telling you something isn’t right (and the doctors are telling you “you’re fine”) something probably isn’t right! Follow what your body is telling you it needs. It’s ok to get multiple opinions until you have peace with what’s happening.
Lindsey Taucher
Lindsey Taucher & Bette Slagle
“Flamingo Sunset”
Acrylic paint
36” x 24” x 0.63”
Artist Statement: When getting to know each other, our conversations with Nicole focused a lot on her valuing time with her family and the losses she has grieved, including: the death of loved ones, giving up her previous career as a massage therapist, and her own breast cancer journey. Nicole is very ‘matter of fact’ in her approach to life and her work, but she beams when talking about her time with family. We enjoyed getting to know this mix of heart and mind in Nicole. This image of her at the beach represented her taking time to relax and enjoy her loved ones, depicting a trip to Florida where Nicole spent a vacation with her granddaughter. We hope this painting allows viewers a window into this time of peace Nicole found with her granddaughter as she continues her life as a cancer survivor. We liked hearing the joy she experiences with her family and translating it onto the canvas. Our finding a way to include her spirit animal of flamingos was an added bonus to this process. The opportunity to paint as a mother-daughter duo allowed us to enjoy meeting Nicole even more, as we were able to have conversations as a trio instead of just one on one. Given Nicole’s moving to Texas to be closer to her granddaughter made our intergenerational project all the richer.