Pam Crowther and Jacqueline Carmody
Jackie Carmody Art for Pam
"Paper Cranes For Pam"
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The Story
Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther
Pam Crowther
Austin, TX
Survivor of stage three breast cancer
Twist on Cancer: It's amazing how three words can change your life, "You have cancer." I knew this journey was not going to be easy. In fact, I recall my mother’s words: “Find the good in life’s challenges and always be thankful for what God has provided.” So I decided I was going to put my own unique twist on cancer. I made everything a happy event. My chemo treatments became my “happy hours” with friends, I hosted a wig and head shaving party. I ran and participated in marathons along the way. I found a way to make this difficult experience a positive one. I used every bit of my time to laugh and cherish life and friendship. I also used my experience as a survivor to redirect my energy to a place of hope--giving me the opportunity to be a mentor for women. All of this to say, this twist on cancer allowed me to not only heal myself but also give back to a community that has become an extension of my family.
Jackie Carmody
Jacqueline Carmody
"Paper Cranes For Pam"
4 (10”x10”) painted wood blocks
Value: $650
Artist Statement: Pam Crowther is a bright, energetic, positive, and uplifting human being. How does an artist make just one piece about someone so awesome? Well, Pam deserved 4 art pieces. From the moment we met virtually, I was instantly connected and comfortable with getting to know Pam. She owns her story about her journey with cancer proudly, but more importantly, Pam owns her story for life proudly. The artwork that I created for Pam is called “Paper Cranes” because she had been given origami paper cranes during her treatment by a supporting staff on her team. The paper cranes serve as a symbol for the support network in Pam’s life, but also for her flexibility throughout her treatment. Pam chose to make the best of each moment throughout her treatment, and truly turned something flat into a beautiful, unique, and interesting experience. Much like one does when creating an origami figure from a flat piece of paper.

Another important symbol within the artwork is the blue backgrounds. The blue represents the significance and importance of water within Pam’s life. For Pam, water has represented grief & loss, rebirth & renewal, and also a place of comfort and healing. Pam seeks water as a form of respite and a place to process. I wanted to have this symbol be fluid throughout each of the 4 wooden blocks. I chose to do 4 wooden blocks, because I wanted to show different shapes and positions that the paper cranes can change into, but also to represent family, friends, work, and community. These are all important networks and support systems within Pam’s inner circle. These people and places are what keep her going-----Pam’s energy also keeps each of us going!

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