Rena Williams and Murielle Cohen
The Story
Rena Williams
Rena Williams
Rena Williams
Machesney Park, IL
Social Media: @triplenegativeflattie
Twist on Cancer: A cancer diagnosis comes with the uncertainty of what the future holds, and changes you forever. At the beginning of my journey, I was consumed with fear and would end up lost in my thoughts. I found that distraction and keeping busy were the best tools to combat my fear. Specifically, learning and performing choreographed dances each week to celebrate the completion of each treatment. Cancer has taught me that when you are faced with adversity in life, it is important to focus on one day at a time and not get caught up in the possibilities the future may bring. Focus on doing something each day that brings you joy or makes you laugh. And never underestimate the power of an impromptu dance party!
Murielle Cohen
Social Media: @murielle_street_art (IG)
Ink on wood
25” x 25”
Artist Statement: I decided to make a 30-second portrait of Rena live through Zoom because I wanted to get the essence of her. Rena stayed through the whole process.
Her calmness and good nature allowed me to make the work of art flow and allowed me to be in constant motion.

Rena and I had deep conversations about life and all the simple things that we could take for granted.

I learnt through this experience not to have any expectations, because those are just thoughts and only action will make dreams come true.

I wish Rena and all participants good health.

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