Roger Joseph Mommaerts, Jr. & Renee Chase
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The Story
Roger Mommaerts Jr
Roger Joseph Mommaerts, Jr.
Roger Joseph Mommaerts, Jr
Buda, TX
FB & IG: roger.mommaerts, Twitter: @rmommaerts
Survivor, Brain Cancer three times, Ependymoma, Stage 3 of 3
Twist on Cancer: Cancer is hard... sometimes it leaves you disfigured and/or disabled, but I keep fighting. Cancer has taught me to not give up, to continue living life. Don't stop! Share your cancer experience so that others may learn and become more aware.
Renee Chase
Renee Chase
“Open Circuit”
Earthenware clay, glaze, Swarovski crystals
Artist Market Value: $1100
Artist Statement: My inspiration is a lovely man, Roger, who has been battling brain cancer for a great part of his life. After hearing about his ongoing journey, I was concerned about how a designer/dressmaker/sculptor who focused on the female form would relay Roger’s strength and hope. Through my conversation with him, I learned that what carries him through the profound challenge in his life is his wife, Holly. My focus then became clear.

The brain is the basis of all we do and all we are able to do, so I started with that imagery as the foundation for my piece. From the cerebrum and cerebellum grew the angel. With outspread wings of hope, dark and reflective, she protects and embraces. Her cape-wings are covered with the patterns of neurons, the axons and dendrites colliding and intersecting; each point marked by the light of a Swarovski crystal.

Although the sculpture is a hollow form without indication of body parts, I strived to fill it with emotion so that the viewer could imagine the soul that lives within.
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