David Pelkowski & Matt Burke
Matt Burke
"Light in the Chaos"
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The Story
David Pelkowski
David Pelkowski
David Pelkowski
Bruce Township, MI
Twist on Cancer: It is probably the one diagnosis that can impact you the most emotionally, physically and mentally because of the unknowns with stages, treatments and how your physical body interacts with treatment and mind interprets the data. Your mind is the most powerful part of treatment (and can be the worst part). Every day is a new day. If you have not had cancer, do not pretend or say you understand – You don’t! You will feel helpless and confused. What you think is right is wrong and wrong is right. Just listen even if it makes no sense to you, do what you can and ask for help when needed. You (caregiver) are no good to anyone if you cannot function.
Matt Burke Headshot
Matt Burke
“Light in the Chaos”
Wood, acrylic paint, spray paint, LED lights
37" x 13" x 1"
Artist Statement: This piece changed every step of the way, as I went back to David's emails and thoughts. I started by building up and putting together the blocks, imagining them as the building blocks of his life and his family’s life. The blocks being scattered and not being able to align with all of the constant disruptions and turmoil he continuously has gone through.
The gradient from red to green represents David's and his family’s emotions, from the good times to the bad times, from the smallest moments of happiness to the worst of times.
The small squares of splattered art represents the most troubling pockets of time for his family. David's family has been through so much, and these chaotic pieces symbolize the major hardships and emotions he conveyed but I could never imagine going through personally.
The black squares are representative of the times of darkness David and his family have gone through. Symbolizing some of the emotions he conveyed: frustration, loneliness, numbness, being torn, hopelessness and confusion.
Finally, to put it all together, I framed out the piece and back lit it with bright white underlighting. The light represents the positivity and support I know David and his family need, and hope he has. It's also a sense of clarity and elevation from all of the dark times he has had to overcome and represents David the caretaker - helping hold everything together and uplifting his family.
Behind the Scenes

My Studio

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My art studio is special to me because it is my space to be creative individually and with my kids. For most of the pieces I create in my space, my kids are at my side creating with me. They help me with my projects or work on their own art. When I am creating in my studio, I feel a sense of connection with my kids as well as a sense of physical creativity.  My daily work is typically all digital, so having a studio to create physical pieces of art with traditional medium and working with my hands feels rewarding.