Steven Davanzo & Jeffrey Froggett
Jeffrey Froggett
“Love is a Verb - BETH MARIE DAVANZO”
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The Story
Steven Davanzo
Waterford, Michigan
Twist on Cancer: It must have been fate for me to see the last call for participation in this event. The only thing I knew I wanted from taking part was a fitting tribute to Beth; one I knew I could not provide on my own. As wife and mother, her absence is felt by each of us every day. My time interacting and working with Jeff on this project has been a blessing.
Jeffrey Froggett
Jeffrey Froggett
“Love is a Verb - BETH MARIE DAVANZO”
Digital Illustration
framed 36 x 24
Artist Statement: I wanted the artwork to be Steve’s voice and to inform the world that “Love” is a verb, not a noun - per Beth Marie Davanzo. The eulogy within the artwork was written by Steve, but he did not get to read the eulogy at Beth’s mass. Please take the time to read the beautiful words Steven put together to honor his amazing wife. The two photos used in the illustration are two of the family’s favorite photos of Beth.
After my first session with Steve, I knew I had to include the eulogy in my artwork. So, with that in mind, creating a digital illustration was the direction I was going to take. I looked through photos the family had online a number of times and finally selected the smiling photo of Beth. I never met her, but this photo speaks to me
Steve and I have a lot in common: we both are grieving, but we are at different stages in the grieving process. Steve, you can get through this. Don’t ever give up!
Behind the Scenes
My studio space (bedroom within my home) is full of my current artwork, and works from the past and beautiful things I have collected overtime. My favorite piece in my collection is the elegant “Tulip Armchair,'' designed by Eero Sarrinen in 1955. The chair’s design concept is “one piece, one material.” When I am totally into a piece I am working on in my studio, I am not aware of my surroundings. I do sit in my studio and look out the windows and reflect on the day and the days ahead.