Susan D Alessi & Ashley McAllister
Ashley McAllister
"Unwavering Beauty"
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The Story
Susan Alessi
Susan D Alessi
Twist on Cancer: Although a scary and fearful experience. The cancer brought many caring people and inspiration into my life. So a beautiful outcome from the worst thing you think may happen.
Ashley McAllister
Ashley McAllister
“Unwavering Beauty”
Acrylic and Pencil
24 x 36 - no frame
Artist Statement: This artwork is inspired by the beauty and strength of the vulnerability my mom experienced throughout her journey. Cancer has changed the landscape of our family and when my mom was diagnosed last year, I worried not only for her physical health but also for the emotions and memories that she would relive. As she began her fight, I saw my mom move like I never had before. Always determined, she moved forward to start treatment. Uncertain and afraid, she moved forward. Tearful, she moved forward. In this art piece, I wanted to capture the moves she took in her journey and so I chose to paint a moving body of water. A body of water is ever changing. It is at times turbulent and at others, calm. It possesses enormous power and beauty. My mom possesses enormous power and beauty and never more so than during her fight with cancer. The rocks of the landscape are drawn in pencil, both to accentuate the color of the water and to represent a landscape that has no permanence. I am grateful for the Brushes with Cancer experience with my mom, and I hope that through the creation of this artwork she sees how brave and unwaveringly beautiful she forever is to me.