Torrence Spence & Kate Wade
Up Close
The Story
Torrence Spence
Lakeway, Texas
Survivor of a pediatric brain tumor
Twist on Cancer: After being diagnosed at 18 months old, relapsing 5 times over the course of nine years, and undergoing total brain and spine radiation for 6 weeks, this girl has chosen joy. Torrence knows that each day we wake up we have a choice, happiness or anger. She chooses joy each and every day and spreads her happiness around like confetti. Spend a day with her, and her infectious laugh will change your life. You would never guess the hardship she has seen and her smile is a testimony to that.
Kate Wade
Kate Wade
“Pink Sunrise”
Acrylic Paint, Embroidery Thread
20" diameter, 0.5" depth
Artist Market Value: $300
Artist Statement: This piece was created for Torrence and her mom Traci. Together they are a powerhouse of positivity. I wanted this piece to showcase their bond and how it was strengthened as they went through this journey. Torrence developed Cancer as a toddler, and went through multiple treatments as she grew, and while the Cancer came back and treatments continued, her mom Traci was always right by her side. The title "Pink Sunrise" was given because the pink Texas sunrises have always reminded me that each day is truly a gift to be honored and to be reminded of the inherent beauty around us. Pink is also Torrences favorite color! Her positive spirit really inspired me to always look to the bright side and because of this, I added a tiny bit of golden yellow thread to each of the sections. The first is the golden earring worn by her mom, the next is on a blanket, and the final is a star in the sky. The yellow thread symbolizes the stitches that occured in surgery, the stitches on the blankets that comforted them and how the last bright star seen in the early morning sky shines the brightest as a reminder of hope.
The balloons are symbolic of her Cancer treatments and how Torrence is able to be released from them. Although the road ahead is long and potentially rocky, Hope is always in the hearts of us all.

Torrence and Traci's story of their journey together will continue to inspire to me keep smiling, keep laughing and keep searching for what I love about this lifetime. It is a reminder to all that in any hardship there is beauty and how bonds are strengthened because of it. Keep your head and heart held high, you are infinite source of light!
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