A Game-changing Partnership

Forty percent of cancer patients use cannabis to help the treatment of symptoms. But many are going it alone without clinical guidance, which can be ineffective and even unsafe. That’s why Twist Out Cancer is partnering with EO Care—the first clinically guided cannabis health and wellness solution for employers, payers, and associations—to provide cannabis care and advice to members. Soon, visitors to the Twist Out Cancer website will be able to explore educational content, including whether cannabis is right for them, how to optimize use, and even how to reduce use.

“Cannabis is part of the cancer journey for many people in the Twist Out Cancer community, but clinical guidance is lacking,” said Twist Out Cancer Founder and CEO Jenna Benn Shersher. “Physicians don’t prescribe cannabis, so patients are left to figure it out on their own. We’ve partnered with EO Care to ensure people have access to clinically based guidance specifically developed for cancer patients. We’re proud to be the first to offer this resource to the cancer community.”

A First for the Cancer Community

The Importance of Clinically Guided Cannabis Care Medical cannabis—legal in 39 states—now helps many cancer patients manage their pain, nausea, sleeplessness and anxiety during treatment.

“According to the National Cancer Institute, one in two people will get cancer in their lifetime,” said Sean Collins, co-founder and CEO of EO Care.

Brooke Worster, M.D., Director, Division of Supportive Oncology at Jefferson Health and medical care adviser at EO Care, has performed groundbreaking research into the benefits of cannabis for cancer patients. For the 40 percent of cancer patients that use cannabis at some point, medical cannabis is less risky than opioids and other controlled substances when it comes to side effects and addiction.

“Today, many cancer patients are using cannabis unsafely and ineffectively,” says Dr. Worster. “No one is checking for drug interactions, and some people are making themselves ill. Counter staff at dispensaries are not trained clinicians. EO Care is filling that gap, providing real clinical guidance for those seeking to use cannabis for health reasons.”

Additionally, Dr. Worster is a medical care adviser at EO Care so patients can use cannabis safely and effectively.

“Cannabis has been proven by Dr. Worster and many others to have a measurable impact on relieving symptoms,” Collins said. “Through this partnership with Twist Out Cancer, we hope to help many more cancer patients make safe choices about using cannabis.”

More About EO Care

EO Care is the first clinically guided cannabis health and wellness solution for employers, payers, and associations. Our digital health service gives HR and benefits leaders the necessary tools to help employees determine if cannabis should be part of their healthcare journey or not by providing clinical education and personalized care guidance. Built on data from over 18,000 cannabis clinician and patient interactions, EO Care provides clinician guidance and proprietary data models to help employers tackle unguided cannabis use and give employees an effective option for relief in cancer treatment, pain management, opioid replacement, anxiety, and sleep management. We’re led by a team of experts in CX healthcare, biotech and data intelligence.

Learn More About Cannabis and Cancer Support

Explore our educational content on TwistOutCancer.org — or discover more about clinically guided cannabis care at eo.care. For specific questions about cannabis and cancer support, try EO’s Personalized Education Platform chatbot or connect with a Realm of Caring expert by calling (888) 823-6143.