Attend the 2021 Northeast Brushes with Cancer Art Exhibition and Virtual Celebration


Twist Out Cancer, an international non-profit charitable organization that provides psychosocial support to individuals touched by cancer through creative arts programming, announced today it will host a virtual Brushes With Cancer Art Exhibition and Celebration in the Northeast Region on Sunday, October 10, at 4 p.m.  To respect the health and safety of all attendees, many of whom are immunocompromised, the event will be held virtually.  Through the virtual event, guests can expect to have an experience filled with love, hope, and community among the survivors, previvors, caregivers, and artists that are part of this year’s celebration.  Following the event, all of the artwork will be on display at the Old City Jewish Art Center in Philadelphia from Tuesday, October 12 through Friday, November 5.  Twist Out Cancer is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year.


Brushes with Cancer is a unique celebration that pairs accomplished Artists with “Inspirations,” who are those who have been touched by cancer in some way as previvors, survivors, or caregivers.  The 2021 program in the Northeast features 27 Inspirations and 26 Artists from 14 states as well as Mexico, Germany, and Ireland.  As the Inspirations share their twist on cancer – stories, feelings, and experiences – the artists create unique pieces of art representing their personal journeys with cancer.


“I am overwhelmed with gratitude that we are able to bring our Brushes With Cancer event to so many people amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.  We have seen a heightened sense of empathy and understanding amongst our participants and the connections have been authentic, real, honest, and raw” said Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Twist Out Cancer.  “Whether through a virtual or in-person event, the heart of our program remains strong as our Inspirations share their story, connect with an artist, and then find a moment of healing through the culmination of our Brushes With Cancer program.”


For this year’s program, Athena Karp will be honored for her role as an advocate and ambassador for Twist Out Cancer over the last eight years, including hosting the Inspirations and Artists for the first Brushes With Cancer program in Tel Aviv in 2018.  Athena is the founder and CEO of HiredScore, an artificial intelligence HR technology company that powers the global Fortune 500.  The Northeast Brushes With Cancer program is chaired by Janine Kirby and Howard Aaron, both of whom live in the Philadelphia area.  Athena, Janine, and Howard will all speak at the event about how cancer has touched their lives.


Tickets are $75 and include access to the virtual event, online auction, and one ticket to the art exhibition at the Old City Jewish Art Center.  With each ticket, there is an option to buy a Twistkit for $65 that will include a Camp Craft beverage kit, a Twist Out Cancer tote bag, bracelet, mask, and more.  At the heart of the virtual event is the opportunity to hear directly from Inspirations and Artists about their experience about how an Inspiration shared their story, connected with an artist, and then found a healing moment by seeing their personal journey with cancer turned into a unique piece of art.  The keynote speaker will be Matthew Newman, an Inspiration in this year’s program who wrote about his journey as a brain cancer survivor in his book, “Starting at the Finish Line:  My Cancer Partner, Perspective and Preparation.”  The virtual event will be emceed by Jesse Kyle and will also feature a musical performance by Tanqueray Hayward, and a performance of the Twist by the Batsheva Dance Company.  The virtual Brushes with Cancer program was created and designed by Kobi Swissa of Swissa Creative, which is a Chicago-based creative agency and production company specializing in bespoke video content.


Tickets are also available for $20 person to view the art exhibition at the Old City Jewish Art Center by appointment.  More information on tickets to the virtual event, in-person exhibition, and available sponsorships are available at:


Prior to the virtual event on Sunday, October 10, information will be shared on Twist Out Cancer’s social media pages asking for contributions to an interactive mosaic art piece from Picture Mosaics.  There will also be a private reception at the Old City Jewish Art Center for Inspirations, Artists, host committee members, board members, and mentors to come together.  They will view 26 unique pieces of art, each of which reflects the personal journey with cancer for 27 different people.  All of the artwork will be revealed online to the public by October 1, when it will be open to a public auction.  Proceeds from art sales are reinvested into Brushes with Cancer, to help bring this program to more people around the world.


In addition to the Northeaster Brushes With Cancer program there will also be events for the Midwestern Region on Sunday, November 14, 2021, and in the Southern Region on Sunday, March 20, 2022.  If you would like to bring Brushes with Cancer to your region or city, or if you have any questions on corporate partnerships and licensed programs, please send an email to