Jenna’s Guide for Enduring Loneliness and Isolation when faced with a Health Crisis 

 For many cancer survivors in and out of treatment, the Coronavirus has been triggering. Some of us are immunosuppressed and are considered to be high risk, while others are years out of treatment but feel uncertain about the state of our body and mind.

The fear, loneliness and isolation that accompanies a cancer diagnosis is not all that dissimilar to what we are currently experiencing with Coronavirus. With social distancing and quarantine measures in place, the world is rapidly changing before our eyes, and at times, can feel like it is spinning out of control. With increased anxiety and fear of this invisible predator, we have decided to proactively draw on our experiences with cancer to assemble a guide for enduring potential isolation as a result of the Coronavirus.

If you had to exist in a quarantined state- what would it look like? Envision it, and think about what your sacred healing space must have in it.

 Create your sanctuary

  •     Candles
  •     Spa music playlists on Spotify
  •     Vision boards
  •     Coloring books
  •     Twistable Crayola crayons
  •     Audiobooks
  •     Movies and shows that bring you comfort
  •     Limited news consumption to 1-2 trusted sources
  •     Deactivate notifications and be intentional about your online activity
  •     Explore a new hobby or interest you haven’t been able to start

Get cozy

  •     Heating pad
  •     Slippers
  •     Fleece blanket
  •     Bathrobe
  •     Weighted blanket
  •     Body pillow
  •     Sweat suits
  •     Ice packs
  •     Light t-shirts/tank tops

Work on the mind/body connection

  •     Create a gratitude list. Every day, write five things you are grateful for.
  •     Build your strength from the inside out. Utilize home gym equipment, cables, bands and light weights to ensure your body is in good condition.
  •     Reconnect with your body and marvel at it. You are strong, capable and ready. Feel it and believe it.
  •     Journal your innermost thoughts, fears, hopes and dreams every day.

Connect with Others

When faced with illness, there is often a tendency to retreat. We encourage you to fight that urge and put in an effort to connect with others. There is a large community of people out there that will similarly feel isolated, lonely and in need of connection. Get online, connect with family and friends and know that you are not alone.

At Twist Out Cancer, we believe that when you share the world opens up. We are here to support you, cheer you on, and encourage you to come forward with your story.