Twist Out Cancer presents a Brushes with Cancer Artist Profile: Igal Fedida

“Whoever saves a life saves the world.” -Talmud text translation

Igal happened to meet Twist Out Cancer Founder and Executive Director, Jenna Benn Shersher at one of his art exhibitions in Philadelphia during the summer of 2017. Once he learned about her story and the impact of the Twist community, he wanted to want to contribute to Brushes with Cancer. “I have a gift and I need to share it with the world. I believe we are capable of recreating ourselves as human beings at any moment in time.” Twist was launching Brushes with Cancer Tel Aviv and Jenna invited Igal to participate as an artist. Israeli born, Igal was delighted at the opportunity to travel to his homeland and collaborate with a local cancer survivor. “I usually seek inspiration from biblical and poetic texts and embrace metaphysical theory and the cosmos in creating my work. I was paired with an amazing young lady named Stav who used every fiber of courage, intelligence and spirituality to fight back and hold onto life.” Stav’s life and story provided Igal a new context for inspiring his art. Her struggle and determination to find joy and beauty drove Igal to create “Circle of Life.”

The Twist out Cancer global community knows the universality of grief and struggle. “I believe that everything happens for a reason.” Igal was grieving the sudden and tragic loss of his brother months earlier, and was able to integrate his emotional journey into the creative

As an artist, Igal described feeling challenged by the experience. “I felt hesitant by the structure and pressure to abide by a timeline. I don’t plan what I paint, I close my eyes and some unseen force drives my brush, and when I am finished, I open my eyes in awe of what present was given to me. At the Art Exhibit and Gala in Tel Aviv, Stav introduced her mother and family to Igal and unveiled “Circle of Life.” Igal recalls the powerful moment: “I could see their faces filled with light as their eyes surveyed my work and it proved to me that our connection was worthwhile.”

Twist relies on profoundly talented artists, like Igal, to serve our brave patients, previvors, survivors and caregivers. “I would tell artists who choose to participate to meet with their match without an agenda. Just listen to the person’s story as a human being. If you talk you cannot hear the story.”

Igal Fedida will participate as an artist in the Brushes with Cancer Chicago 2018 program. To hear his inspirations story and see his unique art reflective of the cancer journey join us!

Brushes with Cancer Chicago 2018

Art Exhibit and Gala
November 3, 2018
Chez-Chicago, 247 E. Ontario, Chicago, Illinois.

Igal Fedida, works in metal, glass, stone, glass and canvas. His collections are available at his gallery, on exhibition and online.

Igal Fedida
1406 Las Olas Blvd.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301