Twist Out Cancer, an international non-profit charitable organization that  provides psychosocial support to individuals touched by cancer through creative arts programming,  announced today that it is hosting a virtual Brushes With Cancer event for those touched by cancer in the  Chicago area on Saturday, November 14, at 7 p.m.

Brushes with Cancer is a unique celebration that pairs  accomplished artists with “Inspirations” – people who are previvors, survivors, fighters, and caregivers  affected by cancer. The 2020 program in Chicago features 28 Inspirations and 27 Artists. As the  Inspirations share their “twist on cancer” – stories, feelings, and experiences – the artists create unique  pieces of art representing their personal journey with cancer. These unique art pieces will be showcased  at the virtual event, which will include access to a virtual 3D art exhibition, live entertainment, and a  catered meal by Jordan’s Food of Distinction delivered to a ticket holder’s home to enhance their evening.  

“We are excited to bring the 9th annual Brushes with Cancer Chicago into the virtual space! While  COVID-19 has been incredibly challenging for our community members who are enduring cancer  treatment, our decision to go virtual has allowed us to reach thousands of individuals who otherwise  would not have been able to access our programs,” said Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder and Chief  Executive Officer of Twist Out Cancer. “When I started Twist Out Cancer in 2011 after my own  experience with Grey Zone Lymphoma, I realized first-hand how the power of storytelling can create connections and establish an online community. The pandemic has created a need for connection, and for  the last six months, our Brushes with Cancer participants have connected regularly in the virtual space.  We have witnessed an increased level of empathy and support that is mutually beneficial for all of our  participants as Brushes with Cancer has become a lifeline for both Artists and Inspirations, who now  more than ever, need to feel heard and supported.” 

In addition to seeing the artwork created for this year’s Inspirations and learning the stories behind them,  several speakers will also be taking part in the live event on Saturday, November 14, including keynote  speaker Ethan Zohn, who is a two-time cancer survivor, the winner of Survivor Africa, and the co founder of Grassroot Soccer.

The 2020 Brushes With Cancer Honoree in Chicago is Danny Glick, who  lost his mother and aunt to cancer and has demonstrated a persevering commitment to the philanthropic  community in Chicago. Anthony Ponce, who is a weekday anchor at 4 p.m. and reporter at FOX32, will  be the emcee for the evening.

Entertainment will be provided by multi-platinum, Grammy Award winning songwriter, producer, and keyboardist Sam Barsh and singer and songwriter Jesse Palter – known collectively as Palter Ego; vocalist Tanqueray Hayward; and from Vocalo Radio Chicago, DJ John  Simmons. Elliott From of Artbeat Live will also be doing a live painting during the program and the  evening’s Fitness and Wellness Coach Gideon Akande, of “Get Fit With Giddy,” will be providing guests  with movement motivation throughout the program.

Specialty cocktail instruction will be provided by  expert mixologist Kyle Davidson from the restaurant Giant. The virtual Brushes with Cancer program  was created and designed by Kobi Swissa of Swissa Creative, which is a Chicago-based creative agency  and production company specializing in bespoke video content.  

General admission tickets are available for $75 and Virtual Premier Tickets are $100. They both include  access to the full program, virtual gallery, online auction, as well as two raffle tickets for General  Admission tickets or four raffle tickets for Premier Tickets. Virtual VIP Tickets are $150 and includes access to a private reception with Inspirations, artists, and celebrity guests at 6:30 p.m., as well as four raffle tickets. VIP tickets also include the doorstep delivery of a TwistKit, which includes party  appetizers from by Jordan’s Food of Distinction, a Resilient face mask, and a Twist Out Cancer shopping  bag. A range of sponsorships are also available for the Brushes with Cancer program. Tickets and  sponsorships can be purchased here.  

A virtual gallery includes 3D replicas of the artwork along with videos that will provide the audience with  a closer look at the artwork and the stories that inspired them. The art will also be open for bidding, which  will end at the conclusion of the virtual event on Saturday, November 14. Proceeds from art sales are  reinvested into Brushes with Cancer, helping to bring this program to more people around the world.  More information is available at  

The virtual event this year will allow hospitalized cancer patients and healthcare providers, who were  previously unable to attend our in-person programming due to their medical condition, the opportunity to  attend our first virtual Brushes With Cancer event in Chicago. Cancer patients in the Chicago area that  are currently hospitalized can reach out to Amelia Hanrahan at for their  complimentary tickets. 

A virtual Brushes with Cancer program was also held exclusively for employees at the General Motors  Design Center in Warren, Mich. on Friday, September 25, and another Brushes With Cancer program is  planned for Austin on Sunday, October 25. If you would like to bring Brushes with Cancer to your  organization or city, or if you have any questions on corporate partnerships, please contact Amelia  Hanrahan at