Catie Glossman & Micki Cecil

The Story
Catie Glossman
Catie Glossman
Birmingham, MI
Social Media: @catie.kaboom
Twist on Cancer: Be Your Own Hero.
Micki Cecil
Micki Cecil
“Altered Path”
Mixed Media & Encaustic
20" x 28" x 3"

Artist Statement: The work “Altered Path” is my depiction of my Inspiration’s journey from a young adult until the present time. While getting to know my Inspiration and her story, I realized she would always talk about her life experiences with a positive attitude and grace - never worried about what could have been, but proud of what she has accomplished and thankful for her time. As I worked on her piece, I found myself singing the same song over and over. A song that speaks to overcoming obstacles and keeping hope. It reminded me of my Inspiration, so I depicted her in the center as a bluebird surrounded by her family and loved ones. They are linked to her for support, hovering high above her young adult path now altered and glowing with warmth and love.