Howard Aaron and Chelsea Lewis-Bahr
Artist Chelsea Lewis-Bahr's piece, "The Eighth Light," for Inspiration, Howard Aaron.
“The Eighth Light”
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The Story
Headshot of Inspiration Howard Aaron
Howard Aaron
Penn Valley, PA
Intravascular B cell lymphoma survivor
Twist on Cancer: Cancer can be defeated. Living a healthy life with consistent resistance training helped my body handle the side effects of chemotherapy. Having a strong mind-body connection kept my attitude positive. Yes, there were bad days, but they pass like the clouds in the sky. Attitude is everything!
Headshot of Artist Chelsea Lewis-Bahr
Chelsea Lewis-Bahr
King of Prussia, PA
“The Eighth Light”
Acrylic and joint compound
36” x 36”
Artist Statement: When I first met Howard, I was struck by his unwavering confidence and matter-of-fact demeanor—a portrait of a man who truly knows himself. He embodies the qualities of a lion, a warrior, an athlete, a companion, and above all, a devoted father. Howard's journey has been shadowed by Lymphoma Cancer in his brain, an affliction as rare as one in two million patients suffering from this cancer, which often goes undetected due to misdiagnosis. In the face of this challenging reality, here stands Howard, navigating each day with resilience, defying the odds. Allowing himself to acknowledge those difficult days without dwelling, experiencing uncertainty but persisting nonetheless. While facing the full spectrum of human emotions, he manages to smile, enduring what his body has meticulously trained him for. Howard will become the eighth patient to triumph over this arduous battle. The four borders in this artwork symbolize the four corners of Howard's mind. At their intersection lies the octagon, representing Howard as the eighth patient treated with Intravascular Lymphoma. In the center, we find a portrayal of Howard's brain, enveloped in dark clouds that encapsulate the daily uncertainty and shadowy thoughts he confronts. Yet, from this darkness emanates a radiant light, symbolizing his unwavering tenacity, unyielding positivity, and invincible will to conquer his battles. From Howard's journey, we learn the immense power of the human mind and our authority in shaping our path, even amidst formidable challenges. To fight, love, inspire, and remember, you too are Light.