Toni Ashley McLaughlin and Magdalena Cuevas
The Story
Toni Ashley McLaughlin
Magdalena Cuevas
Georgetown, TX
Social Media: @magdalenacuevasartsandcrafts
“Loving Memories”
Mixed Media
Value: $590
Artist Statement: I have been an Artist for Brushes with Cancer for three years or so.I applied and wanted to connect, help others share their journey of good and bad with me, and create something beautiful for them.

What started out as a need to connect and help others ended up as a healing process for me as well.Every year, I am inspired and motivated to live my best life because of the strength that my Inspirations have evoked.

This year, Toni was my Inspiration and she has been a shining light to others while going through her battle with cancer.

Toni has inspired others, lifted others, and has done this with such grace and devotion while going through her cancer battle.
Toni to me is a beautiful, kind, and pure heart. I wanted to make sure that I got everything that was important to her in the art piece. She gives so much of herself to others and I wanted to create something just for her.

My Inspirations have been incredible and amazing. Women who go through such a hard battle with cancer and are reborn with determination, strength, and the will to live a full and beautiful life.

I am honored to be part of Twist Out Cancer and every year is a blessing to connect with wonderful Inspirations.