“The Remembering”

Join Twist Out Cancer and Dreame for a meaningful virtual program focused on collective grief, remembrance and honoring those that we have lost.

The program will be led by

Jenna Benn Shersher, Founder and CEO of Twist Out Cancer

Sharonna Karni Cohen, Founder and CEO of Dreame

Ethan Zohn,Philanthropist

Rabbi Lizzi Heydemann, Founder of Mishkan

Jacqueline Carmody, Licensed Clinical Art Therapist and Director of Twistshops at Twist Out Cancer.

This program has been generously funded by the Schusterman Foundation.

RSVP is required.

Suggested Materials Include:

  • A glass or plastic container- example: old fish tank/ vase
  • Rocks, if you choose.
  • Moss, if you choose.
  • Soil (growing medium)
  • Plants that won’t overgrow (generally miniature or dwarf plants)
  • Spoon for placing soil.
  • Long tweezers for putting materials into vessels.