Virtual Twistshop-Self-soothing through the senses

December 9, 2021 6:30 pm central time
Facilitated by Mignon Dupepe and Noah Plotkin
Self-soothing through the senses
Self-soothing is doing things to calm and relax yourself through your five senses. Join Brushes with Cancer participants/friends, collaborators, and creators, Noah Plotkin and Mignon Dupepe for an evening of soothing practices, creative exploration, and connection. Using rhythm making and art processes, we will explore a deeper understanding of managing stress and supporting wellness by intentionally engaging in soothing enjoyable sensory experiences. No music or artistic skills required to participate-just an interest in using art materials and music for expression, growth, and relaxation.

Materials to be considered for this workshop include:

  • Watercolor or thick art paper-3 pieces-
  • Watercolor paints
  • Water/ watercolor brush/paper towels
  • Colorful markers-
  • Permanent black marker-thin if possible
  • Colorful pens
  • Scissors
  • Glue stick

Noah will be providing soothing melodies on an instrument called a HandPan along with various percussion items.

Noah Plotkin’s Life Rhythms was founded in 2013 to facilitate health and wellness in diverse populations through the power of rhythmic music. Programs are designed to express the creative spirit, vent stress and re-establish a healthy and beneficial life rhythm.

Throughout his life Noah has recognized the power of music to unite people of all ages and backgrounds to build strong and sustainable communities. He believes that music is a universal language that reaches across all cultural and demographic boundaries. It is in this spirit that Noah hopes to bring awareness of rhythmic music as a complementary tool to enable people of all ages to create and maintain good health.

Mignon is a Twistshop facilitator, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Registered Art Therapist, and art explorer. Mignon is passionate about using the creative process to connect, to promote insight and understanding, and to imagine possibilities.

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Virtual Twistshop- “Curio Cards”


“Curio Cards”
In this Twistshop we will be constructing “curio” or curiosity cards. Traditionally, curio cabinets hold objects that memorialize themes important to the creator and are displayed in a purposeful manner. Today we are combining this concept with the “calling card,” a custom that originated in 18th c. England, where pictures and heartfelt messages were inscribed on the back of repurposed playing cards and then given away. The goal of this art practice will be to create curio cards (meant to be kept or given away) that reflect on the topic of honoring someone or something important to the creator.

This Twistshop will be facilitated by Sherry Warner, MFA, MA, ATR-BC
Sherry is a creative facilitator and board certified art therapist living and working in southern New Jersey. She practices using art in her own life and with others as a way to engage in mindful self compassion and exploration. She is influenced by sociocultural themes and oftentimes uses alternative and found materials in visual art practices. Sherry’s work is based on a trauma-informed model that puts emphasis on the mind-body connection and using art viewing and doing as an integral part of managing life’s stressors.

Suggested materials:
Small pieces of cardboard
jewelry boxes,
playing cards for repurposing, 
paint markers, oil pastels
pre-cut imagery or photographs for repurposing, 
pen/sharpie or other writing utensils
and colored paper for collaging.

Virtual Twistshop: Sound Bowl Meditation Led by Jay Taylor

Join us for a sound meditation designed to support you in the release of stress.

 Lay back, take a few breaths, and allow the precise frequencies of the singing bowls to interact with your body on a cellular level. No previous meditation experience is required to receive the benefits. Headphones are highly recommended.
Led by Jay Taylor