Kim Spaulding

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Name: Kim Spaulding

Title / credentials: MA ATR, Twistshop Facilitator, Art Therapist

Location: Media, PA

Education: BA Interior Design/Film Production, Jefferson University,

       MA Art Therapy, Marywood University


Brief art therapy/ artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Kim is a master’s level, registered art therapist (MA-ATR) and will be sitting for her board exam this Fall. She has been an art therapist for over ten years in a multitude of settings. Kim passionately believes in the healing potential of art therapy and the sacredness of shared creative space. 


As an art therapy student, Kim personally experienced the transformative nature of the creative process while caring for a close family during her journey with endometrial cancer. Kim is new to Twist Out Cancer and is honored to begin guiding participants through their own journeys. She will begin facilitating Twistshops this Fall.


What is your favorite art materials/ art technique to share with a group?

I love Pouring Paint! When a pouring product is added to acrylic paint, it becomes fluid and shiny AND the most untamed creature in the world of the art! The secret is to let go of fear and expectations because anything you create will be beautiful!  


What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

Kim’s goal as an art therapist is to provide a safe space for participants to connect and explore: with the art materials, with themselves, and with one another.