Callie Cullinan

Name: Callie Cullinan 

Title / Credentials: LPCC-S, ATR; Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, Supervisor Designation; Registered Art Therapist 

Location: Columbus, Ohio

Education: BA in Psychology, Minor in Studio Art; The Ohio State University 

Masters in Art Therapy & Counseling; Adler University 


Brief art therapy/ artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Callie is a clinical counselor, art therapist, and artist in Columbus, Ohio. Callie is currently a registered art therapist (ATR) and licensed professional clinical counselor with her supervision designation (LPCC-S) in the state of Ohio. Callie has worked as a clinical counselor and art therapist in Chicago, IL and Columbus, Ohio over the last nine years in hospital settings. As an art therapist, she is dedicated to providing a safe, therapeutic environments for creative self-expression as a means of healing, self-reflection, and building strengths. 

In 2020, Callie joined Twist Out Cancer as an artist for Brushes with Cancer and art therapist for the Twistshop program. She was inspired by the uniqueness of the Twist Out Cancer programs as they provided spaces for those impacted by cancer to share their stories in a creative way and build connections, especially during the global pandemic. Callie had witnessed the impact of a cancer diagnosis on her loved ones and wanted to get involved to support this population. During her participation in Brushes with Cancer in 2020, Callie was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Negative Breast Cancer and underwent 18 months of intensive treatment. She continues to be very passionate about Twist Out Cancer and looks forward to continuing to support others through the use of creative arts and storytelling. 

What is your favorite art materials/ art technique to share with a group?

Collage – I love the use of collage and mixed media with individuals and groups. I enjoy collecting images, pictures, textures, found objects, etc. to collage work and watching as participants piece together their own work of art. I know that getting started with art making can be intimidating for some and I think collage is an easy way to engage those whom may be hesitant. 

What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

I feel so strongly that every human is creative in their own unique way– and I feel for fortunate to get to support others as they navigate using the creative arts as a modality to heal, cope, explore, and reflect. 

Kim Spaulding

Name: Kim Spaulding

Title / credentials: MA ATR, Twistshop Facilitator, Art Therapist

Location: Media, PA

Education: BA Interior Design/Film Production, Jefferson University,

       MA Art Therapy, Marywood University


Brief art therapy/ artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Kim is a master’s level, registered art therapist (MA-ATR) and will be sitting for her board exam this Fall. She has been an art therapist for over ten years in a multitude of settings. Kim passionately believes in the healing potential of art therapy and the sacredness of shared creative space. 


As an art therapy student, Kim personally experienced the transformative nature of the creative process while caring for a close family during her journey with endometrial cancer. Kim is new to Twist Out Cancer and is honored to begin guiding participants through their own journeys. She will begin facilitating Twistshops this Fall.


What is your favorite art materials/ art technique to share with a group?

I love Pouring Paint! When a pouring product is added to acrylic paint, it becomes fluid and shiny AND the most untamed creature in the world of the art! The secret is to let go of fear and expectations because anything you create will be beautiful!  


What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

Kim’s goal as an art therapist is to provide a safe space for participants to connect and explore: with the art materials, with themselves, and with one another. 

Jacqueline Carmody

Name: Jacqueline Carmody

Title / credentials: LCPC, ATR-BC, ATCS, Twistshop Director, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Art Therapist

Location: Chicago, IL

Education: BFA Painting, Western Michigan University,

       MAT,  Adler University


Brief art therapy/ artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Jacqueline is an illustrator, painter, and art therapist. Jacqueline is currently a board certified registered art therapist (ATR-BC), a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC), and an Art Therapy Certified Supervisor (ATCS). Jacqueline provides a safe space to unleash your creative potential and encourages art making as an effective way to discover solutions to life’s ups and downs.

Twist Out Cancer is a NPO that Jacqueline has been deeply passionate about and involved with since 2013. Jacqueline was drawn to the organization due to her own history of cancer impacting her loved ones throughout her life. Jacqueline is a Brushes With Cancer artist, serves on the advisory board, and is the director and creator of Twist Out Cancer’s signature Twistshop program. She is enthusiastic about bringing this unique program to the cancer community– across the U.S and internationally. Her goal as an art therapist is to offer guidance in exploring different emotions that develop throughout a cancer experience. What typically transpires in a Twistshop is art making, bonding, and camaraderie.


What is your favorite art materials/ art technique to share with a group?

Tempera Paint sticks! If you have ever sat down for an art-therapy session with me, you know these are my favorites! They are extremely satisfying in texture and color. They move smoothly on the paper and are comparable to what it would feel like to paint with lipstick. I love this art material for any age and artistic level.


What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

Jacqueline’s goal as an art therapist is to offer guidance in exploring different emotions that develop throughout a cancer experience. Jacqueline provides an open and safe space to unleash your creative potential. She encourages you to try something new and learn how art making can be a container to hold past experiences that have been difficult to describe through words.


Lindsey Taucher

Name: Lindsey Taucher

Title / credentials: LPC, Twistshop Artist, Licensed Professional Counselor; formerly Registered & Board Certified Art Therapist

Location: Austin, TX

Education: BA Psychology, St. Edward’s University,

       MA Art Therapy,  The George Washington University


Brief art therapy/ artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Lindsey is a painter, counselor, and higher education professional. She is currently a Licensed Professional Counselor in the State of Texas [LPC], with a previous designation as a nationally board certified registered art therapist. Lindsey relishes in joining makers in creating artwork that allows them to tap into their strengths, supports, and safe expression of emotion. She has worked since the late 1990s in both mental health and higher education. Her volunteer activities have focused on equity, wellness, education, and access to services for the young and elderly. Lindsey enjoys reading, training for sprint triathlons, movies, live music, and time with her family and friends. She joined Twist Out Cancer as an artist for Brushes with Cancer in 2021 due to her passion for art and its ability to heal.


Twist Out Cancer is a NPO that Lindsey has been excited to be a part of since 2021, first as an artist with the Brushes with Cancer program and then as a facilitator of Twist Workshops. She was pulled to be a part of the organization after her own experience with cancer as a caregiver to her mother’s fight against lung cancer. Lindsey is honored to be a part of providing creative experiences to the cancer community across the globe. Her hope as an art facilitator is to provide a safe place to reinforce strengths, identify supports, and experience emotional expression in a safe way. Twistshops provide these opportunities in a community building and connecting way.


What is your favorite art materials/ art technique to share with a group?

Collage is a wonderful way for folks to hunt and gather for their perfect finds of images and words, sometimes in an unexpected way. The combination of word and image can help create sense out of confusion. Collage can be used in a simple to complicated approach, making it great for all ages of creators.


What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

Lindsey’s approach is to provide a buffet of options to look at strengths, supports, and safe connection to feelings. She enjoys a conversational approach during sessions allowing makers to ask questions and run ideas by one another to feel as comfortable as possible as they jump into creating something that was not there before.

Mignon Dupepe

Name: Mignon Dupepe

Title/credentials: LCPC, ATR, Twistshop Facilitator, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Art Therapist

Location: Chicago, IL area

Education: BS Psychology/Education, Vanderbilt University

      MAT, Adler University


Brief art therapy/artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Mignon is an art explorer an art therapist. Mignon is currently a registered art therapist(ATR), and a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC). Mignon believes that the creative process permits clarifying moments to perceive possibility, potential, and wonder and allows us to connect deeply with others.


Mignon’s passion for using art and the creative process to connect has contributed to her involvement over the years in many art collaborations and installations for community and not for profit groups. An art collaboration with another local cancer support group initiated her to the Twist Out Cancer community. Since that introduction in 2018, Mignon has served as an artist for Brushes with Cancer in 2019, 2021, and 2023, a mentor for Brushes with Cancer in 2022, a facilitator for the inaugural Twist Hearts program in 2022, a regular Twistshop facilitator, and an associate board member. Mignon is inspired daily by the Twist Out Cancer community and the powerful stories shared through creative expression. Though Mignon’s mother, Betty, a talented seamstress and crafter, passed away from ovarian cancer many years ago, Mignon is able to feel connected with her and honor her creative spirit whenever she creates and makes art with others.


What is your favorite art material/art technique to share with the group?

Gouache paints and watercolor crayons are my favorite materials to share with others. I like the rich colors and exploratory ease that these materials offer. I love to use gouache painted papers to design collage canvases too!


What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

Mignon’s goal as an art therapist is to use the creative process to connect and promote insight and become an active agent in developing positive and purposeful ideas towards wellness and best health. She finds joy in sharing the discovery and sense of awe moments that creative arts therapy allows. 


SaulPaul Bio

About SaulPaul
SaulPaul is a GRAMMY Nominated Musician with a Message. He has also presented 3 TEDx Talks, performed at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and been featured on America’s Got Talent. His life story of transitioning from tragedy to triumph has been told on screen via the documentary Tower to Tower as well as via his memoir Be The Change. Recognizing an inherent responsibility to give back, SaulPaul founded the SaulPaul Foundation. The SaulPaul Foundation is a launchpad for young people and a platform for community members to serve as community leaders through acts of kindness, volunteerism and philanthropy. Most recently, SaulPaul founded Change Water, a socially conscious bottled water company that donates to the local community with each case of water sold. Whether via art, entrepreneurship or community service, SaulPaul is committed to #BeTheChange.


Ana Gordon Bio

Ana Gordon, AM, LCSW, OSW-C is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Oncology Social Worker.  She received her Master’s Degree in Social Work from the University of Chicago, and continues to live and work in Chicago at the University of IL Hospital as Supervisor of Psychosocial Oncology Programs.  In her clinical work Ana provides biopsychosocial assessment and navigation support to both survivors and their caregivers, and mental health interventions to improve the ability to cope with cancer.  Ana specializes in working with AYA survivors struggling with delayed identity development and Oncofertility concerns, and is also a trained Meaning Centered Psychotherapist for survivors with advanced stage cancers.  As her center’s Bone Marrow Transplant Social Worker, she is actively involved in researching the impact of social determinants of health on overall survival rates in low-income survivors of color.

Ana Gordon

Jenna Benn Shersher Bio

Jenna Benn Shersher is a 41-year-old cancer survivor, civil rights advocate, world traveler, and tiny twister who dreams big. In December 2010, Jenna was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called Grey Zone Lymphoma, which at the time, affected fewer than 200 people.


Instead of surrendering to cancer, she was determined to find meaning in her suffering. In the course of her fight, Jenna figured out creative ways to leverage social media to process her experience, and in turn create a community that became invested in her fight. Within a year, Jenna battled cancer and founded the nonprofit organization, Twist Out Cancer.


Today, Jenna is the CEO of Twist Out Cancer, which is an international non-profit charitable organization that provides psychosocial support to individuals touched by cancer through creative arts programming. The organization was founded on the principle that when you share, the world opens up. What started in 2012 as a small art exhibition in Chicago for 20 Inspirations and Artists has now become an international program that has touched over 146,000 people around the world.


Jenna’s story was selected as a top ten best read by Mashable and has been featured in Forbes, CNN, the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, The Lancet Haematology, and the Wall Street Journal. Jenna is a mentor angel with Imerman Angels, and was an Honored Hero and advocate for Team in Training and the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. She was recognized as a Health Hero by Philadelphia Magazine and a Social Innovations finalist in entrepreneurship by the Social Innovations Journal. She is an ROI fellow with the Schusterman Foundation and serves on the board of the Anti-Defamation League.


Jenna received her Bachelor’s degree from McGill University in Montreal, Canada and her Masters in Social Enterprise and Administration from Columbia University. She resides in Bryn Mawr, Pa. with her husband Dr. David Shersher and their daughters Noa Pearl and Lilou Ruth, who are both miracles.


More information on Twist Out Cancer is available at