Mignon Dupepe

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Name: Mignon Dupepe

Title/credentials: LCPC, ATR, Twistshop Facilitator, Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Art Therapist

Location: Chicago, IL area

Education: BS Psychology/Education, Vanderbilt University

      MAT, Adler University


Brief art therapy/artist bio & personal connection to Twist:

Mignon is an art explorer an art therapist. Mignon is currently a registered art therapist(ATR), and a licensed clinical professional counselor (LCPC). Mignon believes that the creative process permits clarifying moments to perceive possibility, potential, and wonder and allows us to connect deeply with others.


Mignon’s passion for using art and the creative process to connect has contributed to her involvement over the years in many art collaborations and installations for community and not for profit groups. An art collaboration with another local cancer support group initiated her to the Twist Out Cancer community. Since that introduction in 2018, Mignon has served as an artist for Brushes with Cancer in 2019, 2021, and 2023, a mentor for Brushes with Cancer in 2022, a facilitator for the inaugural Twist Hearts program in 2022, a regular Twistshop facilitator, and an associate board member. Mignon is inspired daily by the Twist Out Cancer community and the powerful stories shared through creative expression. Though Mignon’s mother, Betty, a talented seamstress and crafter, passed away from ovarian cancer many years ago, Mignon is able to feel connected with her and honor her creative spirit whenever she creates and makes art with others.


What is your favorite art material/art technique to share with the group?

Gouache paints and watercolor crayons are my favorite materials to share with others. I like the rich colors and exploratory ease that these materials offer. I love to use gouache painted papers to design collage canvases too!


What is your “Twist” on creative arts therapy?

Mignon’s goal as an art therapist is to use the creative process to connect and promote insight and become an active agent in developing positive and purposeful ideas towards wellness and best health. She finds joy in sharing the discovery and sense of awe moments that creative arts therapy allows.